How Personality Influences Language Learning with Jade Joddle

About This Episode
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In today's episode, you will hear from Jade Joddle, a coach in English and Speaking Skills from Jade and I found something in common: We are both very strong examples of the introvert and extrovert personalities. Jade is an introvert and uses her experiences to help others. In today's podcast we make a start in exploring that both introverts and extroverts have their strengths in language learning.

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Jade and I will be talking about

  • How Jade found out that the "Teaching English Abroad With TEFL" model is not right for her
  • How a speaking and group classes feel to an extrovert and an introvert
  • Why introverts are not always shy, but sometimes stand in their own way when they want to speak a new language - and what this has to do with your childhood
  • How 1 to 1 coaches and teachers are useful tools for introvert language learners
  • What you should consider about your native speaking skill before you think about what you can do in another language
  • And finally, that being bad at languages in school (especially in England!) means absolutely nothing about your language learning talent

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April 21st, 2014

1 hr 4 secs

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